Multimedia Technologies for Final Projects

The two tech tools you will play with today are Animoto and Glogster.

Creating an Animoto:
Animoto is a nifty online service that takes photos, text and music and remixes them into professional looking video clips. The results are eye catching and impressive. Students can make animoto videos to present projects in a flashy format. Students learn to choose appropriate images and music, and to write storyboards to produce short video presentations.

For an animoto created by a fourth grade class, click here.

For another example of an animoto video click here.

For more ideas on how to use animoto in the classroom, click here.

For short videos that teach you how to make an animoto, click here.

To get started with animoto click here.
Have fun! Ask if you need help!

Creating a Glog:
A glog is like a turbo-charged interactive poster into which you can incorporate photos, videos, and online links. Glogs are great for presenting information in summary form.

To view glogs on different curriculum topics, click here.

For an incredible wiki that links to many glogs created by 7th graders on environmental heroes, click here.

For a slideshare on the benefits of making glogs in the classroom and on how to set up a glog, click here.

To get started on your own glog, click here.
Have fun! Ask if you need help!