Tech Tools for Collaboration

The two Tech Tools you will play with today are
Google Docs and Wikispaces.
Both these tools help you collaborate with others in different ways.

Creating a shared document with Google Docs:
This tool allows you to create a document and share it with others online. If you want, you can invite others to edit the document. This can be very useful if, for example, you are:

  • Creating a lesson plan with another teacher.
  • A member of a task force and need to write and edit a document with the members of your team.
  • Writing a book or paper with co-authors.
  • Giving feedback on drafts of student work.
  • Brainstorming ideas with others.

For tips on getting started with Google Docs click here.
For a screencast on working on a shared Google Doc click here.
To go straight to signing in to Google click here.
Have fun! Ask if you need help!

Creating a Wiki with Wikispaces
Wikis are very powerful and easy-to-use tools for creating and sharing content with others. Wiki is the hawaiian word for "fast." For a rave by a high school English teacher on how wikispaces helped her incorporate web 2.0 into her classroom click here. This tech tool can be very helpful for:

  • Presenting curriculum units and resources to students in a format that also allows for student interaction and discussion. For an excellent wiki (created by an 8th grade English teacher) on resources for Virginia Hamilton's House of Dies Drear click here.
  • Encouraging and guiding your students in group work. For a wiki that guides a high school class through group work on Lorene Carey's Black Ice click here.
  • Showcasing student work and keeping parents informed by posting weekly homework assignments, monthly calendars, volunteer sign up sheets, etc. For an award-winning 4th grade classroom wiki that does all this, click here.

For a slideshare on getting started with Wikispaces (start on page 34 for creating your own wiki) click here.
To go straight to Wikispaces click here.
Have fun! Ask if you need help!